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  • After giving exam you get result and also cross check right answer and sollution of particular question.it will help you for build better undestanding of subject.

With BHRIGU PRAKASHAN, there’s no need to look any further. A book published that boasts of a wide variety of publishing, editorial, and information services.

We provide N.C.E.R.T. based M.C.Qs. and One line question / answers on History,Geography,Economics,Ecology,General Science,General Maths, Computer Science, Constitution,Resoning,Polity Including National and International Events For prepration of  All State Level Competitive Exams,S.S.C. Exams,C.D.S.,N.D.A.,R.R.B.,S.S.B.,C.I.S.F.,I.B.P.S.,Air Force , Navy and Army Written  Examinations, National Talent Serch Examination, T.E.T., N.E.T.,C.A.T.,B.H.U.,Entrance Examinations etc.

There are two ways to find all above concerned study materials......

1. Click Cart item, select your interested subject ,pay for one soft copy of your selected study material which cost is maximum 5 rs only and then the study material will be sent to your e-mail ID.              OR

2. You will have to fill the form as Student Registration to be Registered with us for 365 days by paying Rs.50/ only. Then you will be benifited with all available study materials at our site  for 365 days from the date of registration. 

bhriguprakashan.com is a library , it provides N.C.E.R.T. based M.C.Qs. and One line questions / answers for various subjects.

What do you get with BhriguPrakashan online preparation &  Published Books                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

1.Question Bank based on N.C.E.R.T. in 

(a) Objective type

(b) One line answer from subjects:

   History,Geography,Economics,General science,Polity,Ecology,Computer Science , National and International Events.

2.Solved papers of various competitive examinations

3.Model papers

4.Practice sets


National&International Events :-

* Important abbreviations

* Anniversaries and days

* Appointments

* Defence

* Economics

* Honours and awards

* Inventions and discoveries 

* Famous places

* Famous personalities

* sports

Searching every book and cranny for an ideal publisher of books can be burdensome and time-consuming. BhriguPrakashan provides you with what you need and more. With a dynamic platform that helps you choose what tools work for you, you are assured to embark on worthwhile published information with BhriguPrakashan. Fill out the form on the right to GET your copy of our FREE Published Guide today.

Our motto is to provide the best to the students engaged in preparation for All State Level Competitive Exams,S.S.C. Exams,C.D.S. ,N.D.A.,R.R.B.,S.S.B.,C.I.S.F.,I.B.P.S.,Air Force , Navy and Army Written  Examinations, National Talent Serch Examination, T.E.T., N.E.T.,C.A.T.,B.H.U.,Entrance Examinations etc .We provide  N.C.E.R.T. based M.C.Qs. and One line question / answers on History,Geography,Economics,Ecology,General Science,General Maths, Computer Science, Constitution,Resoning,Polity Including National and International Events, model papers, solve papers for all categories of competitive exams in soft and hard copy.



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